Insolvency Law and Non Performing Loans (NPL), Bank Law, Financing

As part of our ser­vice line “dis­tressed assets”, we advise investors in con­nec­tion with the acqui­si­tion, restruc­tur­ing or util­i­sa­tion and the dis­pos­al of non per­form­ing loans (NPL) or oth­er default­ed debts. We fur­ther ren­der legal ser­vices in con­nec­tion with insol­ven­cy claims, the acqui­si­tion and restruc­tur­ing of enti­ties or the acqui­si­tion of a busi­ness from the insol­ven­cy admin­is­tra­tor by asset deal. In con­nec­tion with insol­ven­cy pro­ce­dures we enforce or defend against claims and eval­u­ate and han­dle avoid­ance claims and pos­si­ble lia­bil­i­ty in and out of court.

In the field of pri­vate bank­ing law, we accom­pa­ny com­plex engage­ments or refi­nanc­ing based on clas­si­cal and inno­v­a­tive financ­ing meth­ods, cre­ation, reor­gan­i­sa­tion or enforce­ment of cred­it pro­tec­tion rights.

For investors and busi­ness enti­ties with a larg­er amount of out­stand­ing debt claims and the admin­is­tra­tion of insol­ven­cy claims, our affil­i­at­ed com­pa­ny for debt claim man­age­ment is at hand. In the process, the exper­tise in stan­dard­ised and com­plex debt cas­es can be con­nect­ed and wor­thy report­ing can be deliv­ered via our Claim­Man­ag­er plat­form.


  • Due Dili­gence
  • Acqui­si­tion and Sale of Non Per­form­ing Loans (“NPL”)
  • Real­i­sa­tion of cred­it claims and liq­ui­da­tion of col­lat­er­al
  • Con­sult­ing ser­vices for lenders and bor­row­ers in con­nec­tion with loan and col­lat­er­al agree­ments
  • Pri­vate Bank­ing Law and Assets Man­age­ment
  • Cor­po­rate Financ­ing
  • Real Estate Financ­ing
  • Mez­za­nine Financ­ing
  • Debt to Equi­ty Swap
  • Insol­ven­cy Law
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